about jackson

I get panic was a phrase coined a few years ago to describe the very moment when life has become so ludicrous, you’re at a loss for words. The coiner of said phrase? Jackson Panic.

Jackson is just a guy with an undying sense of mischief who loves fried chicken, stiff drinks and beautiful women. He’s the provocative doppelganger that keeps the i get panic train moving. Imagine if you handed the keys to your life over to your Id.

Some of this shit actually happened and some of it is just the libidinous stream of consciousness of a guy who chose at some point to leave his better judgment behind.

The objective is to pontificate, enthrall and entertain with tales of woe and whoa!

If you’re new here you might want to know who some of these characters are and why they are such degenerates. Start off with Why are There Hookers in my Kitchen and then check out Passing Out on a Test Drive.


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